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With 15 years of experience in the field of regulatory chemistry and thanks to its multi-disciplinary team of scientists, A.S.C. Biocides can offer you a broad range of services:

  • Define whether Regulation (EU) No.528/2012 applies to your active substance or biocidal product
  • Register your biocidal product in various European countries during the transitional period while national regulations still prevail
  • Estimate costs and timelines for preparing your active substance or biocidal product dossier in accordance with Regulation (EU) No.528/2012; plan all necessary actions accordingly
  • Prepare the entire or part of your active substance or biocidal product dossier according to the Technical Notes for Guidance Viel Arbeit - Akten und Laptop(TNsG)
  • Prepare a technical equivalence dossier
  • Evaluate if your biocidal products are eligible for the simplified authorisation procedure or if they meet the definition of a Biocidal Product Family
  • Verify the reliability of existing studies and identify which studies are missing from your dossiers
  • Monitor studies under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and/or efficacy trials
  • Perform Human and Environmental risk assessments, Consumer (residues) risk assessments
  • Prepare a compensation dossier to replace, if necessary, protected studies
  • Organise your data in the IUCLID format and submit your applications through the Register for Biocidal Products (R4BP)
  • Submit applications for Mutual Recognitions in sequence or in parallel to extend the national authorisation of your biocidal product to other European countries
  • Manage all requests from the Authorities during the evaluation period until your active substance is approved or your biocidal product is authorised

In addition, A.S.C. Biocides can upon request:Nuevos pictogramas de peligrosidad 2011

  • Write or review the labelling, classification and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of your product
  • Manage the mandatory declarations of your biocidal product in France to INRS (French National Research and Safety Institute) and MEDDE (French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy)


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